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Download Web Soft Phone Progressive Web App

The Web Softphone Progressive Web App (PWA) allows for access to the web softphone from your desktop. This also allows for the web softphone to utilize Chrome to run without opening Chrome To download the Progressive Web App (PWA) of the Web Softphone, you must log into the [Web Softphone][1] in Chrome. Once logged …

Recover Login Name or Reset Password

_The CallHarbor Portal, Mobile App, and Web Softphone all use the same login._ * * * ## How Do I Recover My Login Name? Click the "Forgot Login Name" button on the login page. (In the red outline below) ![][1] Enter the email address associated with your account. If you have your email associated with more than o…

How do I use the Web Soft Phone

_**[YouTube Video Outlining Usage][1]**_ If you are already logged into the CallHarbor Portal press the Web Softphone link in the upper right corner. You can also log into the web softphone directly using [][2] ![][3] The web softphone will open in a new tab if accessed …

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