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How do I use the Web Soft Phone
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If you are already logged into the CallHarbor Portal press the Web Softphone link in the upper right corner. You can also log into the web softphone directly using 




The web softphone will open in a new tab if accessed from the portal but will remain in the same tab if the url is used. The web softphone will look like this: 




The full name of the extension you are logged into will appear in the upper left-hand corner. You can also verify by the name that appears on the summary card: 



The summary card is an overview of the extensions current messages as well as the current active answering rule. If you press on the voicemails, missed calls, or unread conversations, the tab open in the left-hand menu will display the corresponding tab to check these. Clicking the Active Answering Rule will open the answering rule in the left-hand menu. 



Contacts Tab 


The Contacts tab will display all contacts that your extension has. You can sort the contacts shown by using the Contacts drop down 






Call History 


All calls made to and from your extension will appear in the call history tab. You can select a call to see details about the call or to make a new call or chat to that number. Calls can be filtered by All, Missed, Inbound, or Outbound. 







The voicemail tab will have all new and saved voicemail messages connected to your extension. 






Chat and SMS 


The Chat and SMS tab will contain all conversations and texts sent to and from your extension. Clicking on the conversation will bring up a new popup window in the right-hand side just like the summary card. Multiple conversations can be open at one time. 




Chat Popup 






Answering Rules 


The Answering Rules tab has all rules set on your extension. Clicking on a rule will open it in the left hand menu with set timeframe as well as what extensions/phones are rang. Answering Rules can be disabled or deleted by clicking the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the answering rules menu tab. 




The greetings tab will contain all voicemail greetings you have recorded. You can listen to the greeting, delete the greeting, or add a new greeting and record right inside the web softphone. 








The settings tab lets you choose which phone connected to your extension that you want to make calls with although dialed in the web softphone. By default it will be set to your web softphone but you can choose any of the phones on your extension. The ringtone lets you choose which ringtone the web softphone uses when a call comes in. The version just listed what version soft phone you are currently running. 











Logout will log you out of the web softphone and bring you to the web softphone login page. 



Language and Phone Status 


Located in the right-hand corner of the web softphone page is the language selection and registration status. The available languages with the web softphone are English, Spanish, and French. To select your language, click on the dropdown arrow and select the new language. 




The green phone status icon next to the language is the status of registration on the web softphone, as well as if you are on a call or not. If the phone is red, the web softphone is unregistered and won’t receive or make calls. If the phone is green, the web softphone is registered and will be able to make and receive calls. 




Add Button 


The add button located in the lower right-hand corner allows you to make a new call, a new conversation, or highlight your summary card. 






Summary Card 


The Summary card button will bring your summary card to your attention above all other boards that may be open. If the Summary Card is already at attention, the button will not do anything 



The new conversation button will display a new conversation popup window. You can search for an extension or enter in a phone number. If you select an extension a chat conversation is created, but if you enter a phone number, a text conversation will be created. 





The new call button will display a new popup window containing a dial pad. Enter in the extension or number you are trying to call. 




Once the number has been entered select the green phone button and the web softphone will start the call 




Multiple popup windows can be stored on the web softphone, with only one at attention above the other ones. All conversations and calls can be left open while you continue working and using the web softphone. 




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