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How do I send and view SMS in the portal?
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This article assumes that you are already signed into the CallHarbor portal, as well as a SMS number setup. If you do not have a login to CallHarbor or an SMS number please reach out to CallHarbor support.

To send an SMS

First, select the Messages icon; Second, select the Chat and SMS tab.
Third, Click the New Conversation button and the New Conversation popup will appear.

Forth, enter the number or contact name you would like to send the SMS message to and click the dropdown (In Blue).

The popup will change to the conversation for that number, from here have the following options.
1.) Call the number. (It will ring one of your registered CallHarbor Phones)
2.) Settings button to access 3 and 4.
3.) Turn off notifications for the conversation.
4.) Delete the conversation.
5.) See what number you are sending from, or change your CID if you have multiple SMS DIDs.
6.) Type your message and send it with the Enter key.

To View and Respond to SMS

To view the conversation, click on the conversation you would like to view. (Shown below as 1)
To respond to a message, click the reply button. (Shown below as 2)

After Clicking on the conversation you would like to view, you can see the full message history.

To go back to all conversations, click the View All Button. (Shown above as 1.)
To Reply to the current conversations, click the Reply button. (Shown above as 2.)

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