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Star Codes / General Codes
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Star Code – Use Case

**<ext> – Intercom
*<ext> – Direct to Voicemail (great for transfers)
*98 – Voicemail Portal
*97 – User Voicemail
*** (while in call) – Park call in an available parking lot

*1 - Record a call on-demand, must be on a call to use. 

*2 - Stop recording a call on-demand, must be on a call to use.

*51 - Log In to Call Queue
*52 - Log Out of Call Queue

General Code / Extension – Use Case

5000 – Voicemail Portal
5001 – User Voicemail

611 - Reach CallHarbor Support^

911 - Emergency Services

988 - Suicide Hotline



^The default for this extension will contact CallHarbor Support unless specificity set up to be a user's extension


Random star codes will be generated under each auto-attendants greeting section to allow for re-recording or recording the main greeting for each auto-attendant. This can be viewed from Manage Audio under an auto-attendant.

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