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Record Calls
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Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the recording of calls. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the legal requirements in your jurisdiction before recording any calls.


To Record Calls On Demand

To start recording a call, dial *1 while on the call. There will not be any indication to know it is recording but dialing *1 at any time on a call will prompt a start recording event.

To stop the recording, dial *2 while on the call. Again, there will not be any indication but dialing *2 will prompt a stop recording event.

This will need to be done on every call that you need to be recorded if you are not set to record calls.


To Record All Calls

Enabling call recording for users or phones is a process that can only be performed by CallHarbor and is not accessible through the portal by Office Managers or users.


To initiate the call recording feature, please email [email protected] specifying the particular users to be included in the recording process if not all.

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