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How do I listen to a call recording?
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This article assumes you are logged in as office manager and that call recording has been enabled on your phones.

How do I find a call?
On the main menu click on the call history icon(1). This will open up your call history. By default, it will show you every call made today, but you can change this by clicking on the filter button(2).

This will open the call history filter window. This allows you to change what calls are displayed. You can change the date range (1). limit it based users, department, or site (2). You can filter by caller number for calls that originate outside your system (3) and by the number dialed as well(4). The drop box at the bottom lets you see only inbound, outbound or missed calls(5).

How do I listen to a call recording?
When you find the call you want to listen too you just need to press the Speaker button.

How do I download a call recording?
To download a recording to your computer you need to press the download button.

How long are call recordings kept?
Recordings are kept for a month. To keep recordings for longer you will have to download them to your own storage.

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