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Ringback Vs Music on hold
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When a caller is placed into a call queue, they will start hearing the hold music for the call queue. This is not always preferable because the customer will think they are on hold and aren't being connected to an agent. If you would like callers to hear ringing well they are in a call queue you can set the music on hold to ring back and they will hear ringing.

How do I set a call queue to use ringback?
You will first want to start by downloading the ringback.wav file. You can find it here. Next you will want to set it as the hold music for your call queue. Log into the call harbor management portal and then click on the call queue icon in the main menu.

Find the call queue you want to change and click on the music note button.

Once you click on the MOH icon you will see the following:

Adding ring back works like adding any other hold music. Click on Add Music. From this dialog box browse to the audio file on your computer that you wish to upload, locate the ringback.wav file and upload it.

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