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How do Time Frames work?
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Types of Time Frames

There are three different time frames that can be created.

  1. Always
  2. Certain days of the week and times - Business Hours or Weekends
  3. Specific dates or ranges - Observed Holiday or Vacation Schedules


The Always time frame is active when no other time frame is applicable.

Certain days of the week and times

If setting a Business Hours time frame, select Certain days of the week and times. Then check the days that are to be used in this time frame and move the sliders to accommodate the range you wish to set. If you wish to split the day into two ranges; morning and afternoon; then click on the green plus sign. This then allows you to set two different time ranges within one day. Continue on until your time frame has been configured and then click Save.

Specific dates or ranges

If setting a time frame for a holiday that only lasts one day, enter the date of the holiday in the box on the left and right side. If setting a time frame for a date range enter the beginning and ending dates of the holiday.

Keep in mind you can create a time frame with multiple ranges in it.

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