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How do I reboot my phones?
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Why would I want to reboot my phone?
A reboot is nondestructive and many issues with your phone can be solved by rebooting it. A reboot is some times required in order for the phone to update with new information like user names.

How do I reboot my Polycom phone?
1). Start by pressing the home button. It is the button that looks like a house.

2). Navigate over to settings. You use the arrow pad to move over.

3). Select basic.

4). Scroll down and select restart phone

5). You will be asked are you sure. Select the yes softkey.

How do I reboot my Yealink desk phone?
To factory reset a Yealink desk phone you press and hold the X (1) button until the reboot window pops up then press the OK softkey (2).

How do I reboot my Yealink cordless?
1). Press the OK button to open the menu and select the icon that looks like a gear.

3). Scroll down and select system settings.

4). Select base restart.

5). Enter 0000 for the PIN. and select done. This will restart your phone.

Is there a way to reboot all of my phones at once?
If you are an office manager in your domain, then you have the ability to set all your phones in your domain to reboot.
1). To do this, start by clicking on the inventory tab in the main menu.

2). Click on the phone hardware tab.

3). Select the use the checkboxes to select the phones you want to reboot (A). You can also use the top-most checkbox (B) to select every phone in your system. Next, you can click on the reboot button (C) to open up the reboot window.

4). In the Reboot window, you will see a list of phones that will be rebooted(A). You can start the reboot by pressing the reboot button(B). The phones will reboot one at a time. If you do this when people are using the phones, they will assume there is something wrong, so start the reboot after hours or let them know what will happen.

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