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What is the Call Center?
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The Call Center is a very resourceful tool when it comes to managing your phone system. It outlines different information about your call queues, as well as gives you stats on-hold times, wait times, answer times, and much more.

Call Queues

The first table in the lefthand corner is the Call Queues table. This table gives you an overview of all current call queues in your system, including the number of active calls, callers waiting in the queue, the average wait time, and the number of idle agents not currently on a call.

Clicking on the person icon will allow you to edit the agents in that call queue, either adding more or removing some. Clicking on the pencil icon will allow you to edit the settings for the call queue. Clicking on the 'Call Queues >>' link at the top of the table will bring you to the Call Queues menu page. 

Active Calls Graph

The second table located on the lefthand corner of the Call Center reports page is the Active Calls Graph. The Active Calls Graphs shows the activity of your phone system's call queues in the last 8 hours. Hovering over the lines of the graph will display a popout including the time as well as the number of active calls that took place in the call queues.

Analytics and Reports buttons

The analytics button opens up our Analytics Wallboard. To learn more about the Analytics Wallboard, please click here.
The reports button opens the reporting window, as well as includes a dropdown to schedule emailed reports. 

The settings icon will open a popup window labeled Call Center Settings. This is where changes to the Stats grid will be made, as well as general settings of the call center. The Stats Grid settings are addressed below in the Stats grid section of this article.

The General settings currently only consist of the Service Level Agreement setting. The Service Level Agreement determines if a call was answered in an acceptable amount of time (seconds). This is used when calculating the Service Level stat. So the higher the acceptable answered time, and/or the faster your agents answer before the acceptable answer time will affect your overall service level positively, but the lower the acceptable number and/or the slower your agents answer will affect your overall service level negatively.

Stats Grid

The stats grid is a quick overview of the current stats of your phone system. There are 8 stats available for the stats grid: Callers Waiting (CW), Average Wait Time (AWT), Average Handling Time (AHT), Service Level % (SL), Abandon Rate % (ABN), Calls Answered (CA), Call Volume (CV), and Abandoned Calls (AC). 

The Stats Grid Settings is where you turn on or off the available stats for the stats grid. When off, additional settings for that stat disappear, but when on, additional settings are available for further customization. All stats options, aside from Service Level Percentage, have a Lower Threshold and an Upper Threshold. The Lower Threshold is the limit when the stat grid option will turn from green to yellow. This limit should be less than the Upper Threshold. The Upper Threshold is the limit when the stat grid option will turn from yellow to red. The thresholds are great for making sure your callers are happy and answered fast, as the lower the averages or waits, the better the stat, and when they hit above where you want, it is noticeable.


In the lower righthand corner of the Call Center reports page is the Agents Status list. It lists out all extensions listed as an agent in a call queue by first and last name, as well as includes a status indicator. If the person icon is green, the agent is online and available to take calls. If the person icon is red, the agent is online but currently on a call and unavailable to take calls. Both of these statuses will allow new calls from the queue to be sent to the phones unless the busy agent has reached their max call limit. If the person icon is grey, the agent is offline and will not receive any calls made to the call queue whatsoever. Clicking the 'Agents >>' button will bring you to the Users menu page.

Agents can be sorted by Online (Status), Extension, Last Name, or First Name. To change the sort, select the blue dropdown under 'Agents >>', the text will change based on sort selected.

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