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How do I set up email reports from the call center?
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First, start off by clicking on the call center icon within the main menu of your CallHarbor phone system. This will take you to the Call Center screen where you will be able to view the different type of reports for your phone system. 

Second, select the dropdown arrow on the reports button, this opens a dropdown for 'Email Reports'. Click the 'Email Reports' button

Third, an Email Reports popup window will appear. This is where you will select the type of reports received and the frequency of the reports sent

Summary will send stats for all call queues, agents, and dialed numbers. Call queue will only send stats for call queues on your CallHarbor system. Agent will only send agent stats for your CallHarbor system. Dialed Number will only send stats for the phone numbers within your CallHarbor system.

Once a type and frequency are selected, more fields will appear depending on the selection made. Monthly will have a 'Monthly Send Day' field, the report will send at midnight on the day specified in this dropdown.

Weekly will have 'Weekly Send Day' and 'Send Time' fields, the report will send on the day of week and time of day specified.

Daily will have a 'Send Time' field, the report will send every day at the time specified.

It is possible to select more than one type and frequency.

An Advanced settings tab will also appear once a type and frequency are selected, to get here either select the Next button or click on the Advanced tab at the top of the popup window. The Advanced settings include the columns to report on, as well as Extra Email Addresses to send the reports to. Select the columns you wish to include in your reports. To learn more about what the columns mean, please click here.

The appearance of the Advanced tab will change depending on the type of reports chosen. Summary will include all Statistics for Call Queues, Statistics for Agents, and Statistics for Dialed Number. Selecting a single type with only show the 'Statistics for _____ ' for the corresponding type.

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