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What are answering rules?
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Answering rules are individual extension’s call routing, as each rule states how a call should be routed for that extension. Answering rules are timeframe activated and the active timeframe will determine the rule to follow. Multiple rules can fall within the same timeframe, so the answering rules follow a top down order, which ever rule is at the highest location with an active timeframe will be followed by the phone system.

There are 12 different check boxes, aside from the Enabled one, that can affect call routing:

Do Not Disturb: When checked no incoming calls will be routed to this extension but outgoing calls can still be made

Call Forwarding

Always: when checked will ALWAYS forward to the extension or number entered in the text field to the right
On Active: when checked will only follow this forwarding if the extension is active
When Busy: when checked will forward a call to the specified extension or number when the extension is currently busy such as already on another call
When Unanswered: when checked will forward a call to the specified extension or number when the caller has reached the end of the extension’s ring time
When Offline: when checked will forward calls when the extension is offline in the callharbor system
Simultaneous Ring: This will ring multiple phones of either the extension or entered extensions/numbers
Include User’s Extension: when checked will automatically update the answering rules to include new phones added to the users extension
Answer Confirmation for Offnet Numbers: when checked will require confirmation from the end user when the call is forwarded to their phone number rather than the extension. The numbers can be inserted in the text field below this check box. To add another number or extension select the plus sign next to the text box.
Just ring user’s extension: When selected will override all other selections and only ring the user extension

How do I Add/Edit a User’s Answering Rules?

First, select the Users icon from the main menu of the Manager Portal. Second, select the user whose answering rules you wish to edit by either selecting the extension name then the Answering Rules tab or selecting the pencil then Answering Rules from the dropdown.

To add a new rule select Add Rule or to edit a rule select the pencil to the right of the desired rule. When adding and editing answering rules, everything in the popup window is the same aside from time frames. Editing a rule will have a timeframe selected already that cannot be changed and adding lets you choose the timeframe to associate with the rule.
Adding an Answering Rule will bring this popup window, without the dropdown menu until the timeframe field is selected:

Editing an Answering Rule will bring this popup window:

Once the popup window appears enter in all information needed for that set rule then select save. A new answering rule will be created or an existing one will update.

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