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How do I check voicemails through the portal?
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First, select the Messages icon then the voicemail tab if need be. There is a dropdown below the voicemails tab with the options: New, Saved, and Trash. New voicemails will be listed under new, saved voicemails will be listed under saved, and voicemails deleted THAT DAY will be in your trash as trash is emptied daily. Select the type of voicemails you wish to listen to in the dropdown.

To listen to a voicemail using your computer audio, select the play button to the left of the message and the voicemail will begin playing within the portal.

To listen to a voicemail using your desk phone, select the Call to Play button. A call will then be sent to the extension of the voicemail you are checking, once answered the voicemail will begin to play.

To forward the voicemail to another extension, select forward then enter the extension it should be forwarded to

To save a voicemail to your computer, select the download button. The audio file will then download to your computer and will be located wherever you have your downloads saved.

To move the voicemail from New to Saved, select the save button. The voicemail will disappear from the New messages and will appear in the Saved. The save button can also be used to recover a voicemail that is deleted and moved to trash, but only if it was deleted that day.

To delete a voicemail, select the delete button. The voicemail will be moved to the trash folder which is emptied daily. You cannot delete a voicemail already in trash, only listen, forward, or save the message.

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